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Lean phase: Channels   Aim: This post outlines the channels that have been explored - headmen, sales agents, Natasha and retailers -  and the effectiveness of each of these channels. The primary archetypes that the Fuel project aims to reach through these channels are; those who value the use of firewood as fuel, those who value the portability of the stoves and those who value convenience. Channels: Headmen collecting EOIs; By using village headmen as a lead generation for...

Jessica Don
by Jessica Don
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Jessica Don

Lean phase: Customer Segment   Aim: To identify the customers which the Sustainable Fuel project targets.    Our main focus is on customer groups (e.g. indigenous Fijian women), but also on those that relate to the archetypes found in December 2018:    preference for cooking;  portability;  expense decrease;  simplicity of use;  decreased cooking time;  healthier and safer;  peer pressure;  recreational use.    These...

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Jake Hawkins

Experiment Design:     Lean Phase: Channels   Assumption: Headmen are willing to act as a sale agent or point of contact using a feasible system    Results: Green light    The primary metrics for this experiment were the number of headmen that expressed interest within the allocated time frame which was 1.5 weeks and which option they preferred. Five headmen were surveyed.    All...

Jessica Don
by Jessica Don
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Jessica Don

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Bio I am currently in my second year of studying Environmental Engineering. I work part time and enjoy physical activity.

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