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The February Health team executed the following core objectives: Revision of research protocols Refactoring of the USSD functionality Performing offer testing for clinicians Performing currency testing for clinicians Investigating the DHO as a customer segment More details on these core objectives and the other tasks completed throughout the month can be found in the handover document . 1. Revision of Research Protocols Revising the research protocols...

Mel Castillo
by Mel Castillo
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Mel Castillo

Lean Phase: Problem Assumption: People within our customer segment identify with the problem described as ‘Increase quality of time with patients’ and ‘Get more quality time with your patients’. Time Period: February 2019 Project Weeks 2 - 3. Metric: Percentage of people responding positively to the phone call they receive. CRITERIA: Green Light: Proceed with currency testing with currently identified early adopters. Success point: 30% email...

Isaac Crawford
by Isaac Crawford
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Isaac Crawford

The December Health Team had two primary focuses; doing the groundwork to facilitate the project’s focus on clinicians as a customer segment and preparing the research protocol for execution. The full outline can be found in the attached document, and an abridged summary can be found below.   The first focus broke down to two elements. Firstly, customer segment interviews and empathising were done to garner a deep understanding of the customer segments and synthesis of the problem...

Gabriel Raubenheimer
by Gabriel Raubenheimer
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Gabriel Raubenheimer

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