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The February Health team executed the following core objectives: Revision of research protocols Refactoring of the USSD functionality Performing offer testing for clinicians Performing currency testing for clinicians Investigating the DHO as a customer segment More details on these core objectives and the other tasks completed throughout the month can be found in the handover document . 1. Revision of Research Protocols Revising the research protocols...

Mel Castillo
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Mel Castillo

DHO Customer Segment Who : A District Health System (DHS) is a health system that operates at the level of a District. It considers the factors contributing to health in the district's environment. The organisation's aim, based on the principles of the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach, is to be equitable, efficient and effective. In Malawi, districts represent the lowest level, fully organised unit of government. Their populations vary widely, ranging from around 100,000 to over 1...

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Chay White

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