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  Supermarkets: A supermarket can be difficult to define as there is no clear metric. It is difficult as there is not much information that can be used in the research stage that can be used to distinguish between a supermarket and “mini-mart” (apart from physically going out and viewing each of them). Therefore, there is to be a contact list made of supermarkets to contact based on online research which we have carried out. The criteria will be based on how well known the business is,...

Dillon Sander
by Dillon Sander
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Dillon Sander

The beginning of February project showed ERS collection at a cross roads in its endeavour to develop a service which will have physical and social impact in the Dilli community. By looking at the handover completed in January we were able to distinguish between the 4 (arguably five) different market sectors that are present in Dilli. These market sectors consisted of restaurants, cheap and expensive hotels, as well as both private and public schools. Different experiments were proposed for...

Dillon Sander
by Dillon Sander
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Dillon Sander

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