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Lean Phase: Solution (MVP) Assumption: Farmers are pleased with the information the app delivers Time Box : 2 Weeks  Key Metrics : If farmers give 12/16 positive feedback in the survey it will indicate that they are pleased with the information provided by of the app. Success Point: At least 75% of farmers interviewed are pleased with the app   Green Light: Proceed with sales Continue with improving and developing channels Continue to add more information and resources to...

Jess Scrivener
by Jess Scrivener
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Jess Scrivener

Lean Phase: Solution (Offer Testing) Assumption: Fijian farmers understand what pH is and why it is useful in regards to their farms and receiving tailored information. Time Box: 2 Weeks  Key Metrics: If farmers receive a score of 3/4 on the questionnaire it will indicate that they understand pH. Success Point: More than 60% of farmers scored 3/4 Green light: Farmers have demonstrated a sound understanding of pH Pitch sensor and discuss future sales of sensor once app is...

Jess Scrivener
by Jess Scrivener
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Jess Scrivener

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