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As the first month of Social Consulting, our major focus was to collect information about the attitudes, knowledge and infrastructure established within microfinance in Malawi. This was established by identifying protentional customer segments within urban, fringe-urban and rural regions of the greater Blantyre region, and developing an understanding of attitudes and barriers when engaging with finance. This was conducted through individual interviews with small business owners, village...

Samantha Orum
by Samantha Orum
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Samantha Orum

This post outlines the fundamental problems in the financial space in Malawi, and are detailed further in other posts. The two fundamental issues are that there is a huge lack of access to capital, and a huge lack of financial/business education.  Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with 90% of the population living on less than $2/day, and 75% living below the lowest poverty threshold of $1.25/day (Human Development Report, 2011). The majority of Malawians are...

Kurt Michl
by Kurt Michl
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Kurt Michl

As the first SoCon (Social Consulting) team on the ground in Malawi, it’s our task to set the groundwork and build foundations for future teams to operate on in Malawi. We decided to make this post so that for future teams can reflect on the measures we’ve used and hopefully to learn on our experiences on how best to obtain their own data. As SoCon is so new to operating in Malawi, it is critical that the assumptions we make have been validated, as cutting corners with poor validation may...

Henry Baldwin
by Henry Baldwin
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Henry Baldwin

Background Village banks have proven to be a fascination due to their ingenuity in providing their communities access to loans that normally would be totally inaccessible due to a lack of collateral. A detailed summary of how they operate can be found here . In short, village banks can reliably distribute loans to their communities with a very low risk of default. From our interview with one village bank, we discovered that they were not capable of providing a loan to everyone who...

Henry Baldwin
by Henry Baldwin
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Henry Baldwin

Here in Malawi we are experimenting with large scale data gathering through the sending of mass texts. We are hoping this will provide a more effective method of gathering information while maintaining its accuracy. USSD Survey Design After the workshop with Gabe we identified several key design factors that needed to considered when establishing the USSD survey design in Malawi. We felt the design should be clarified for anyone that doesn’t understand the relatively low adoption...

Seif Zakri Stacey
by Seif Zakri Stacey
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Seif Zakri Stacey

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