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Introduction: The proxy product the energy team has been using in July had features and problems that the July team was not satisfied with. In particular, the AC charger and the lead-acid battery of the GDLite were identified as areas that need to change; This is due to the risk of overcharging when charged through an AC connection. The desire to change from lead-acid to lithium-ion is driven by the short lifespan of lead-acid batteries as discussed in a previous post. The product should...

Conna Sheedy
by Conna Sheedy
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Conna Sheedy

The Energy project in Malawi has moved to a new phase where we have begun to test our business model using a proxy product and have sold several products. The sales we have made during this Winter period have allowed us to validate certain aspects of our customer segment practically and back up assumptions we had made due to observations and national statistics.   Currently, our customers are concentrated in the village of Nancholi. This is a semi-rural area in the hinterland of Blantyre....

Cian Murphy
by Cian Murphy
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Cian Murphy

Following from the experimental method outlined in: ; 3 iterations of the T1 method and 2 iterations of the T2 method were carried out. Results outlined in attached table. Conclusion: Due to the low consistency between experimental trials and high failure rate of 40% it was decided to discontinue experimentation. Additionally further research into the matter uncovered potential legal issues with using Malawian minibus public...

Josh Vinson
by Josh Vinson
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Josh Vinson

Background: With a prototype product ready for sales the Malawi energy team is looking at finding a semi-autonomous distribution method which is reliable, scalable, and relatively cheap. The Malawian minibus public transport system is a solution worth exploring. A previous experiment was conducted over June where a driver was given an empty package to take to the NAYO Clinic in Nancholi. The driver charged the standard fare of 200 MWK and the package arrived after 30 minutes....

Josh Vinson
by Josh Vinson
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Josh Vinson

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