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Lean Phase: UVP   Aim:   This post highlights the value PEV can offer to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and financial institutions (FIs). The value added is twofold. FIs are able to expand their customer segment because the loan application process, specifically financial documentation, is being simplified for their potential customers. Providing micro-businesses with a platform in which they can manage their finances better and improve their financial documentation will improve...

Yayna Lee
by Yayna Lee
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Yayna Lee

Lean Phase: Channels Assumption:  That it is feasible to manufacture 10 Buka Dragons within the project month in Fiji Time Box:  2 weeks Key Metrics: Stoves that are delivered within the negotiated time frame Percentage of stoves that are manufactured in good quality Price quoted for 10 stoves from local manufacturers                                           Green Light The manufacturer is selected on a short term contract (on negotiation) Continue to look into...

Eugenia Muñoz
by Eugenia Muñoz
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Eugenia Muñoz

In January 2019 the Fuel team focused on researching and testing channels that will enable the business to scale. We had 3 primary goals:  1. Scalable Manufacturing In order to scale our business, it is necessary to establish a manufacturing channel for the Buka stove that is reliable. We looked at the following options:  - Importing laser cut sheets and manufacturing locally - Importing raw materials and manufacturing the stove locally - Finding local manufacturers that source...

Eugenia Muñoz
by Eugenia Muñoz
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Eugenia Muñoz

        Overview In the past, FarmEd has explored supply chain management, face to face consulting, drone consulting and agricultural expertise workshops. While there is value in the above products, moving forward, FarmEd aims to focus on the development of the app itself as the app has proven to be the most scalable and accessible way of providing agricultural expertise. Over July 2018, the 3 FarmEd teams focused on determining the viability of the FarmEd app: FarmEd I tested the...

Felix Zerbib
by Felix Zerbib
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Felix Zerbib

We have had a busy week reconsidering the sales strategy used by FarmEd and have started to develop an alternative to our previous B2C model.   To ensure that Fiji produce is a viable alternative to imports Fiji-wide, we have decided to test the co-op model proposed by the Jan team. We want to form co-ops that allow several small-holder farms to work together in producing produce of the quality and quantity required by hotels, supermarkets and other wholesalers.   Currently,...

Eugenia Muñoz
by Eugenia Muñoz
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Eugenia Muñoz

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