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The Feb Agriculture Assessment team is wrapping up our month here in Malawi! It has been four weeks of maize, meetings, market analysis and more maize. After achieving four of our five monthly goals, it is safe to say that this team is plum-tuckered.  After the decision was made to cease operations on the farm, our monthly goals pivoted to focus more so on empathising with smallholder farmers, gathering important data from agriculture research stations and developing an understanding of...

Georgie Scott
by Georgie Scott
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Georgie Scott

The Malawi Agriculture Assessment Team came close to moving mountains this month when presented with the challenge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues faced by smallholder farmers in Malawi, the team focused on conducting preliminary farmer and market research which was fed back into our working permaculture blueprint prototype. The results of previous teams, combined with the interviews we...

Lucy Noble
by Lucy Noble
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Lucy Noble

Since the end goal of our work in Malawi is to develop a sustainable business around a socially beneficial good or service, the Agriculture Assessment Team brainstormed an initial business model canvas. As we still do not have a clear idea of what our final product will be, it was a challenging process. Nonetheless, we laid the foundation to ensure that the whole team and future teams will be on the same page. This can be subject to further iteration as we continue to empathise with more...

Rachel Chan
by Rachel Chan
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Rachel Chan

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