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Based on the current financial and business consulting services conducted by the team in Fiji, I have the following advice.  I believe that the idea sounds really, really interesting and rather scalable and diverse.  I've actually always considered the potential for a similar venture that I know of in Australia to be replicated in a similar manner to the service you described in the post. It takes a similar idea and instead uses it to financially consult and empower women in developing...

James Balzer
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James Balzer

My idea is a project that seeks to develop UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 5: Gender Equality.  I currently work for an entrepreneurial company called Enactus in which I lead my own sustainability project related to youth education regarding sustainability and Indigenous culture. Within Enactus, there is another gender equality based project known as the 'Women's Creative Hub', which seeks to empower women in refugee and multicultural communities across Sydney.  The project works...

James Balzer
by James Balzer
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James Balzer

So far in Timor-Leste our energy assessment team have contacted a significant amount of stakeholders. However, a few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting with key Australian military officials here in Timor-Leste. From the perspective of the ‘Four Birds’ personality types, it was Yosemite National Park - a Den of Eagles.   It was this “Den of Eagles” effect that made it such an interesting experience. As a Taronga Zoo Peacock myself I actually felt quite at ease with these...

James Balzer
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James Balzer

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