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Background We have done some surveys of small business owners around the Blantyre and Limbe markets to validate our customer segment. We have come to the consensus that there is a big stigma against borrowing a loan, at least from a financial institution, due to a fear of debt. This stigma stems from two major reason: 1) High interest rates and 2) no collateral. Another fascinating revelation we found from conducting our surveys is that the marketplace is a very collectivist society....

Seif Zakri Stacey
by Seif Zakri Stacey
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Seif Zakri Stacey

Growing Up   Most people can relate to the age old expression “you’ve got potential”, it’s thrown around and never really considered. It’s something that more often than not goes in one ear and straight out the other. But it holds value, and it’s something everyone has whether they believe it or not. The frantic hustle bustle of life can take you away from your goals and ambitions but if you can acknowledge your future potential it provides a drive and passion unmatched by any form of...

Darcy Connaghan
by Darcy Connaghan
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Darcy Connaghan

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