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There can be a tendency to want to be perfect. To create the perfect product to fulfil our business’ value proposition. Howard Moskowitz, a researcher, food consultant and psychophysicist, researched and demonstrated in the 1980s that creating the perfect spaghetti sauce for Campbell’s Soup was not the most profitable option. Rather, segmenting their product line and creating a new product of extra chunky sauce (for those consumers who liked it chunky ’n’ funky) was best. This generated...

Cec Cameron
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Cec Cameron

To keep up with food demand, production must increase by 70% by 2050 (according to the FAO) or by 1 trillion calories by 2030 (according to GroIntelligence). The challenge in meeting these production goals is heightened when considering that the effects of urbanisation, a growing population and climate change means that this increased supply must occur on the same, or a lesser, area of land and in harsher climates. Ultimately, a second green revolution is required and will be fuelled by...

Cec Cameron
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Cec Cameron

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