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What a month we’ve had! We landed in country almost 4 weeks ago and hit the ground running. We picked up the project in the testing phase, the February team had created a prototype of a waste collection service in the rural villages of Siem Reap. There is currently no waste collection service in these areas and the villagers burn their waste which is harmful to their health.   In our first week we created our improved prototypes, rice bags with all the bells and whistles: colour...

Edwina Jones
by Edwina Jones
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Edwina Jones

Hey all,   After a recent, exciting pivot in the future direction of ERS, and the possibility of the project being split into two businesses. One half will be focused on the waste collection service, the other half will be repurposing the unsellable recyclables collected from the collection service. After reading through previous projects interactions with locals and other NGOs, I discovered that the local Khmer’s culturally won’t purchase recycled goods. Therefore this...

Edwina Jones
by Edwina Jones
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Edwina Jones

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