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The Malawi Health team has identified overall project goals to work towards throughout the month of January. The December team did an incredible job creating a research protocol to enable future Health Teams in Malawi to test the MVP, a learning cognitive app.   The 2017 December identified the need for raw data on the health status and system of Malawi. For this month the Health Team want to establish a foundation of data points that will be essential for any future health teams...

Emily Armstrong
by Emily Armstrong
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Emily Armstrong

  The July health team has identified the lack of access to health services and education to have a detrimental impact on the health system of Malawi. Hospital staff members and clinicians have all raised the issues of congestion, some doctors and clinicians seeing up to one hundred and fifty patients a day. An ideation discussion lead to the discovered potential of a Your.MD, a cognitive learning app created for diagnosing western illnesses. It was concluded that if such an application...

Emily Armstrong
by Emily Armstrong
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Emily Armstrong

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