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The research conducted by the Malawi Agriculture Assessment team this month has revealed the poor pest- management methods used by smallholder farmers which pose significant threat to their food and income security. The surveys we conducted with smallholder farmers in the Nancholi area identified chemical pesticides as being one of the largest contributors to farmers’ input costs, particularly this dry season during which there has been an influx of pests and diseases. This excessive use of...

Roya Ghodsi
by Roya Ghodsi
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Roya Ghodsi

Summary   The idea focuses on addressing over reliance and over use of pesticides by farmers in Malawi. It aims to limit the input costs of smallholder farmers with already restricted amounts of disposable income by allowing them to utilize the crops in which they are using for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This utilization will come through household, individual production of natural pesticides such as rapeseed oil and tomato leaf oil sprays.   Current Issue With Pesticide...

Isaac Crawford
by Isaac Crawford
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Isaac Crawford

Our work at Project Everest unites science, business, civil society and government in our efforts to solve the world's issues through the power of enterprise. We do this through empowering communities and partners alike to become a part of the solution to ending extreme poverty.  Together, our generation can end extreme poverty - I believe this to my core. On this front, we need to take a holistic view on a regions issues. Through an interconnected and "moonshot" business plan, multiple...

Andrew Vild
by Andrew Vild
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Andrew Vild

Energy is the foundation of all future projects in all of our countries if we strive to set up exponentially effective social enterprises. Energy allows for light after dark, charging of phones, tablets, computers, the use of phones which in turn increases commerce opportunities and access to critical information in other fields of work; health, agriculture, education. The data to date indicates that 85% of people in rural communities in the Nancholi region (our main area of operation)...

Andrew Vild
by Andrew Vild
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Andrew Vild

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