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Enjoy this recap of the December team’s work! There are pertinent documents attached that you should take the time to sit down and have a good read of. Additionally, this will be Project Everest’s first time applying for research clearance in the health industry! Exciting times.   Throughout the month, the team has laid an excellent foundation for the future development of a pre-diagnostic medical application in primary healthcare clinics in Blantyre. Initially, the team had a...

Edan Baker
by Edan Baker
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Edan Baker

In July, the Malawi Health Assessment team gathered a plethora of data from the communities in Blantyre, to shape an area of need that could be addressed and positively impacted upon. Major problem areas identified were a lack of health education and a congested healthcare system.  Late in their time on project a potential solution using cognitive learning technology that aids in the process of diagnosis was identified. Through a short time of preliminary testing there was interest from...

Edan Baker
by Edan Baker
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Edan Baker

Just wanted to share what I personally thought was some fun inspiration from others trying to fix problems and create some sound solutions. Quick back-story: At a national nursing conference for a couple days. "Speed Leading Network Event" - a fun little event they run to network with nursing leaders. Met an amazing lady named Linda Shields, a world leader in family centered care research, did some controversial research about the nurses' role in the Nazi era in Europe, loves thinking up...

Edan Baker
by Edan Baker
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Edan Baker

Hello Project Everest community! We are currently in the ideate stage of our project so we would love to hear as many ideas as possible from all types of people.  Our final definition of the problem facing our project is: The dependence on plastic products due to their convenience and affordability as well as a lack of awareness of the negative consequences of their use has led to adverse impacts on Cambodia’s environment, economy and public health. These impacts are compounded by...

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Tim Allen

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Edan Baker

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Bio Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced) - WSU Registered Nurse - Liverpool Hospital Trekked - Cambodia Leading - Malawi Enjoys sick people.

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