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When we inherited the project, we were met with a solid foundation of work handed over by the December team which included detailed empathising among members of the Cambodian community, a basic outline defining the main issues at hand as well as a range of plausible solutions for us to research further into.  In building on this work we were able to form a genuine understanding with of the energy situation in Cambodia and from this completely define the problems at hand.  Our team then set...

Harry Kadi
by Harry Kadi
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Harry Kadi

The Energy and Fuel Assessment Team haven developed a feasibility matrix - a matrix designed to take into account the key factors considered when attempting to determine the success of a product/service idea. We aim to have this so that all ideas are considered in a standardised manner. Our spreadsheet consists of cells in which you can insert a numerical rating of the factor from 1-10, and the second sheet of the spreadsheet allows you to input reasoning for that rating (Notes tab).  This...

Hannah Daghighi
by Hannah Daghighi
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Hannah Daghighi

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