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Project Summary

July 2019 marked the fourth month of operations for Hidden Hunger. The work of July 2019 can be divided into three pillars: 1/ Customer segment B: are NGOs and businesses a viable customer segment? 2/ Utility testing: how can we make the app Malawi-specific? 3/ Channels: is Facebook, radio or posters more effective at reaching mothers (customer segment A)? July experiments and results Customer Segment B Experiments: (offer...

Jack Ryan
by Jack Ryan
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Jack Ryan
Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition    Assumption: That NGOs and Businesses who we have set up previous relationships with are willing to meet with PEV for a second time to discuss possible licencing of the app/ partnership. The purpose of this experiment is to see if stakeholders are willing to spend their time with PEV (time is the currency we are testing in this experiment).   Time Box: December Weeks 1-4   Success Metric: NGOs and Businesses who we have set up a...

Imogen Thomas
by Imogen Thomas
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Imogen Thomas
Experiment Results

Experiment Design Post:   Lean Phase: Customer Segment   Assumption: Potential stakeholders are willing to meet with PEV. They will understand the barriers towards solving malnutrition and can provide data and advice on how to tackle this problem. These stakeholders will be interested in the USTAWI application and will express an interest in a partnership.   Time Box: July Weeks 1-4   Success Metric: 1) Number...

Cody Webb
by Cody Webb
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Cody Webb

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