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July 2019 marked the fourth month of operations for Hidden Hunger. The work of July 2019 can be divided into three pillars: 1/ Customer segment B: are NGOs and businesses a viable customer segment? 2/ Utility testing: how can we make the app Malawi-specific? 3/ Channels: is Facebook, radio or posters more effective at reaching mothers (customer segment A)? July experiments and results Customer Segment B Experiments: https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/1022670 (offer...

Jack Ryan
by Jack Ryan
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Jack Ryan
Work Update

Proposed Experiment: https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/956910   Introduction:  In the month of July, the Hidden Hunger team explored 3 different advertising channels. These included advertising on radio, Facebook and posters. To test these channels, we met with information and communication officers from businesses working in the nutrition space, as well as various radio sales and marketing executives. We successfully launched the posters and radio advertisement, but...

Elizabeth Sparks
by Elizabeth Sparks
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Elizabeth Sparks

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