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Lean Phase: UVP Assumption: Village banks risk profiled are willing to meet with PEV, and are open to receive a loan from PEV. Time Period: 7 days Success Metric: The number of village banks with an acceptable variance of data input are interested in receiving a loan from PEV. The team will ask 8 village banks whether they want a loan. CRITERIA Green Light: Proceed to offering a loan with its features mapped out to village banks, including interest rate and a contract....

Abigirl Maminimini
by Abigirl Maminimini
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Abigirl Maminimini

Lean Phase: UVP Assumption: Village bank risk can be diversified, where characteristics included in each village bank’s profile are appropriate indicators of risk. These characteristics include: Village bank interest rates (min. 15%) Claimed default rate (approx. max. 5%) Requirement to join bank (min. deposit required) Incentive to repay (heavy social pressure - open to interpretation) Number of members ( =/> 25; max.2 under 25). Time Period: 2 days Success...

Bernard Ip
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Bernard Ip

Bernard Ip

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