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Experiment Design Post:   Lean Phase: Distribution Channels   Assumption: Target market is willing to purchase a stove from a retailer following lead generation activities. For the purpose of this experiment, lead generation activity is defined as: Facebook engagement  Posters posted up on stores around Sigatoka  Flyers distributed by Natasha in the Sigatoka market stall Context: It was found...

Lariza de Guzman
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Lariza de Guzman
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Lean Phase: Channels   Timebox: 2 weeks   Assumption: Headmen are willing to act as a distribution channel for Buka 4.0 stoves.   Success metric: Number of stoves sold during the loan period.   Criteria   Green light: Loaning system of Buka stoves to headman can extend to a greater period of 6 months - can increase the number of stoves loaned by the headman.   Success point: More than 2 headman sell at least 1 Buka stove.   Orange light:...

Lariza de Guzman
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Lariza de Guzman

  Lean Phase: Problem  This post distinguishes some of the key problems and issues that Fuel Sustainability has identified surrounding cooking methods in both rural and urban Fijian residents. The Fuel Sustainability team aims to alleviate these issues by addressing the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its...

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Haziq Ahmed

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