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Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: Solution (MVP) Assumption:  Micro-enterprises in Fiji find value in our budgeting and financial management solution. Time Box: 6 months Success Metric: Whether the proposed customer segment finds value in our solution, measured by the % of micro-enterprises that continuously use our solution. Approach previously identified early-adopters from both coastal and inland villages. CRITERIA Success Point: More than 50% of Micro-enterprises are continuously...

Yayna Lee
by Yayna Lee
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Yayna Lee

Lean Phase : Problem Link to original experiment:  https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/1385250 Original Assumption:  Micro-enterprises in Fiji identify a lack of access to financial management and budgeting resources in enabling their businesses to grow, diversify, or run as they please. RESULTS Results Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15j4a8f93Y5zcNW3Tg8PVcHNc6Do_jP-qMsIhiJVqC4k/edit#gid=0 Key Data Statistics:...

Nikki Theodorakis
by Nikki Theodorakis
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Nikki Theodorakis

[JUL 19] Offer Test Experiment Results - SoCon 1 Fiji   Reference to experiment post: https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/1805560   Lean Phase : UVP   Assumption : Micro-enterprises in Fiji are willing to meet with PEV to understand and discuss methods and solutions to financial management.    Time Box : 2 weeks   Success Metric : The percentage of micro-enterprises that find value in a solution to help them with their financial management.    Results...

Jack Hong
by Jack Hong
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Jack Hong
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Customer Segment

Lean phase : Customer segment Aim :  This months aim was to restart the lean canvas to identify our customer segments who extracting data from both financial institutions (FIs), as well as small-to-medium business holders (SMEs).  Through data collection and survey results from 11 institutions across 16 branches, 3 customer segments have been identified: Early adopters, Early majority and key stakeholders. The segments differ in how many of these categories they satisfy: Have a...

Charlotte Jones
by Charlotte Jones
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Charlotte Jones

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