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Experiment Results

Experiment Design Post : https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/2082490   Lean phase: Channels Assumption :  Sales agents will be an effective distribution channel by collecting leads and directing them to Natasha at Sigatoka market to purchase the stove. Results: Number of EOIs that have developed into sales: 0  Failure point: 1 EOI results in a sale  Red light:  Alter sales agent training to be more comprehensive of the sales pipeline Are the leads...

Jake Hawkins
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Jake Hawkins
Customer Segment

Lean phase: Customer Segment   Aim: To identify the customers which the Sustainable Fuel project targets.    Our main focus is on customer groups (e.g. indigenous Fijian women), but also on those that relate to the archetypes found in December 2018:    preference for cooking;  portability;  expense decrease;  simplicity of use;  decreased cooking time;  healthier and safer;  peer pressure;  recreational use.    These...

Jake Hawkins
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Jake Hawkins
Key Activities

AIM The current, immediate future and long term supply chains activities and the relevant metric for the Buka Stoves in Fiji are as follows:   CURRENT SUPPLY CHAIN SOURCING MATERIALS: LRL (the manufacturer) provides used refrigerant tanks, up to a limit of around 100 per month, as well as stainless steel for the interior of the stove, galvanized steel for the exterior of the stove and grating   TRANSPORTATION: Materials stay at LRL.   MANUFACTURING: LRL...

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Lucy Preiss

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