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Project Summary

The project had experienced some troubles without a PEV presence in country during March through to May. Although all systems from that time period have been salvaged or noted, the project took a great loss due to this. Through people not making their payments, and customers not receiving feedback from PEV for months left users unhappy and the project losing money. Enlisting someone to run the project during off months, preferably in-country, as a means to maintain the business is needed for...

Andrew Vild
by Andrew Vild (Admin)
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Andrew Vild
Andrew Vild (Admin)
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Adopted Experiment

This experiment is to be conducted in conjunction with experiment ‘Problem Definition’ and ‘Customer Segment Lean Phase : UVP (unique value proposition) Assumption : Our customer segments identify with the problem statement and express an interest in our unique value proposition.  Time Period : 2 weeks Success Metric : 60% of participants respond positively to UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and CTA (Call To Action) (see experiment build below)  CRITERIA Green Light – Proceed to...

Karli Chan
by Karli Chan
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Karli Chan
Revenue Stream

Currently, Project Everest Ventures (PEV) Solar Consulting Team is offering 1 product via 3 payment methods in the Nancholi and greater Blantyre region: Upfront payments of K35,000 Monthly payment plan with K7,200 installments over 5 months (six payments total, including deposit) totalling K43,200 Layby sales: customer places a deposit of K10,000 (this amount can be increased/decreased, to try and make customers commit) to reserve the product, and pays the remaining K25,000 in a...

by Aodhán
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Work Update

Introduction In-country operations for Solar Malawi resumed this June and is in its third week, continuing off from the previous team in February. As usual, the team’s goals revolved around sales of a solar product and the accompanying infrastructure (eg. software for automated texting, sales logistics, accounting, etc). The current version of solar product we are selling is the GD-8017A by GDLITE - a solar powered battery which discharges stored electricity in the form of a torch, up to...

Anthony Liu
by Anthony Liu
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Anthony Liu

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