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Experiment Design Post: Lean Phase: Distribution Channels Assumption: People are willing to act as sales agents using a feasible system  Results: Green Light  The results of this experiment exceeded our success point (two individuals agreeing to act as sales agents for the Buka Stove using one given system). The distribution system that involved sales agents collecting contact details and passing them onto PEV was the...

Andre Werror
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Andre Werror

After reading through the handover document, I have came up with a few ideas to address the issues the previous team faced in Fiji. Firstly, the biggest problem it seems is that manufacturing the latest iteration of the Buka Dragon is too expensive. I agree with the suggestion that metal should be pre-cut overseas then shipped to Jacks of Fiji to produce the stove. Production must remain in Fiji as this increases the reputation of the business. To decrease costs further, the design of the...

Andre Werror
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Andre Werror

Andre Werror

Brisbane, Australia

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Bio Studying Engineering/Commerce at UQ but really passionate about pursuing social entrepreneurship in the future. I love meeting new people and doing things that benefit others and myself at the same time!

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