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Project Summary

The February Health team executed the following core objectives: Revision of research protocols Refactoring of the USSD functionality Performing offer testing for clinicians Performing currency testing for clinicians Investigating the DHO as a customer segment More details on these core objectives and the other tasks completed throughout the month can be found in the handover document . 1. Revision of Research Protocols Revising the research protocols...

Mel Castillo
by Mel Castillo
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Mel Castillo
Experiment Results

Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition   Assumption : Testing customer success rate of moving through the Customer Pipeline   Results : 14 clinicians were sent the Information Pack following on from the offer testing (phone calls and text messages, seven successful responses from each).   There was only one reply to the email to organise a meeting, so the seven that were called received a text message asking if they’d received the email and if they were ready to set up a...

Chay White
by Chay White
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Chay White
Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase : Unique Value Proposition Time Box : February Project Weeks 3 - 4 Assumption : Testing customer success rate of moving through the Customer Pipeline. Success Metric Green light: Move on to part two of currency testing Success point: 50% of customers pass from stage one of the Customer Pipeline through to stage 4. Orange light: Find areas where customers are being lost and optimise Customer Pipeline stages in accordance with this. Failure point: 30% or below...

Isaac Crawford
by Isaac Crawford
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Isaac Crawford

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