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The February Health team executed the following core objectives: Revision of research protocols Refactoring of the USSD functionality Performing offer testing for clinicians Performing currency testing for clinicians Investigating the DHO as a customer segment More details on these core objectives and the other tasks completed throughout the month can be found in the handover document . 1. Revision of Research Protocols Revising the research protocols...

Mel Castillo
by Mel Castillo
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Mel Castillo
Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase: Problem Assumption: People within our customer segment identify with the problem described as ‘Increase quality of time with patients’ and ‘Get more quality time with your patients’. Time Period: February 2019 Project Weeks 2 - 3. Metric: Percentage of people responding positively to the phone call they receive. CRITERIA: Green Light: Proceed with currency testing with currently identified early adopters. Success point: 30% email...

Isaac Crawford
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Isaac Crawford

Mathilde Ricourt

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