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Lean phase: Solution. (Offer Testing)   Assumption: Farmers are willing to buy a subscription to the FarmEd application.   Time Box: 3 Weeks   Key Metrics: Number of sales MOU’s signed by farmers for a subscription   Success Point: If farmers sign a sales MOU.   Green Light: If more than 60% of farmers sign a sales MOU Proceed with delivery of the application. Continue pitching the app to farmers to generate further sales whilst...

Magnus Zhang
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Magnus Zhang
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  [JAN 19 Fiji] Offer Testing Experiment Design: Lean Phase: Solution (MVP/Prototyping) Assumption: Businesses express interest in the application or are willing to purchase it on behalf of their network of farmers.   Results: At the conclusion of January, FarmEd 2 has conducted a total of 10 business meetings within three weeks of project, visiting businesses in Suva, Korotogo and the coral coast region. Of these 10...

Michel Chan
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Michel Chan

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