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Lean Phase:  Unique Value Proposition Assumption: It is assumed that through forming communal farming groups or ‘clusters’, farmers can: Lower their risk profile to allow them to gain access to finance, Increase their support networks, Strengthen farmer revenue cycles by increasing their bargaining/pricing power, Diversify the crops that they sell to markets, and Share valuable knowledge and resources. It is assumed that these collective farmer groups can mitigate pain...

Anshul Baruah
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Anshul Baruah

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment Assumption: It is assumed that each dimension of farmer (native-Fijians, Indo-Fijian and Chinese) experience their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is understood that farmers have a cyclical income, however, it is further assumed that the on-peak harvest should be adequate enough to sustain the business during off-peak seasons. These pain points may include: Unpredictable weather conditions Existing discrimination...

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Harry Ly

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