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Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase: Customer Segment/Problem Assumption: The customer segment is small businesses with the following attributes: Been selling products/ offering services for at least 18 months. Running the business by themselves or with at most two other employees. Mainly in food, retail, & service industries (repairs, transport and hairdressing) The problems faced by this customer segment are: Lack of access and/or awareness of financial advisory services....

Lachlan Hogno
by Lachlan Hogno
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Lachlan Hogno
Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: Solution Assumption: Individuals willing to purchase a Buka stove would be willing to pay either; A $100 Buka Stove for $150 on a 3 1/2 month, mobile payment plan A $150 Buka Stove for $225 on a 3 ½ month, mobile payment plan A $200 Buka Stove for $300 on a 3 ½ month, mobile payment plan NB: These prices need to be confirmed, but the concept behind structure of payments can be found here:...

Angel Cheung
by Angel Cheung
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Angel Cheung

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