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Project Summary

The purpose of this report is to document the challenges that currently occur in the Timor-Leste agriculture sector. Our solution to the found challenges in Timor is a smartphone application called FarmEd that offers agricultural advice and education. December is the first month we have the Beta version of the app. For the application to be well received, it was essential that Timorese farmers fit a few criteria. ​The December team has spent the month assessing if the farmers have...

Julia Marks
by Julia Marks
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Julia Marks
Adopted Experiment

No original experiment posted   Lean Phase: Channels   Assumption: That people are engaging in the Facebook page (likes, comments, shares, messages)   Time Period: 4 weeks   Success metric: % of people who Are early adopters for the application Engaging in the Facebook page - likes, comments, shares, messages   Criteria   Green light: Continue to use Facebook as a communication/promotion platform.   Success point: If 60% of...

Rachel Tidbury
by Rachel Tidbury
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Rachel Tidbury

Original Experiment:   Lean Phase: Key metrics.   Assumption: Farmers were willing to use sensor technology for agricultural advice   Results:   Most farmers entered information from the sensor, however, did not do so regularly on Facebook. This was most commonly due to being too busy and forgetfulness. Farmers...

by ShannonEvenden
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