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Experiment Design Post: Initial Offer test: Initial Experiment results: Lean Phase: Customer Segment/Problem    Introduction: The project is focusing on decreasing the amount of agricultural food waste, and lost revenue in small scale farmers. The project is designed to improve the quality of life for this demographic in Amisen.  Customer Segments Identified: Early...

Patrick Newman
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Patrick Newman
Experiment Results

Lean Phase: Problem The purpose of this experiment was to narrow down on the pain-points of SMEs in Fiji and what blocks them from accessing financial solutions from traditional institutions. As can be seen below, this experiment proved that pain-points were much broader than we initially hypothesised, and thus we have validated a much broader range of pain-points in these results. Original Assumption: There are key barriers for small business owners accessing capital from...

Georgina Hollsten
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Georgina Hollsten
Experiment Results

Lean Phase: Customer Segment Assumption from adopted experiment:  In our experiment, we explored the customer segment and problem phases for small business owners in the retail, tourism and agriculture industries. Our experiment involved multiple assumptions based on research conducted by the January 2019  Social Consulting team. The original assumptions made were as follows: The early adopters of SoCon’s customer segment are...

Georgina Hollsten
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Georgina Hollsten
Adopted Experiment

Lean Phase:  Problem Assumption: There are key barriers for small business owners accessing capital from traditional and established institutions in Fiji. These include: Irregular income and individuals’ inability (or lack of preference)  to repay loans due to the inflexibility of payment schedules. Individuals have an inherent distrust of financial institutions, leading to a preference of saving over financing. Traditional institutions rarely give out access to...

Georgina Hollsten
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