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Lean Phase: Solution (MVP/Offer Testing)   Assumption: Farmers are regularly using and implementing the information given by the FarmEd application.   Time Box: 3 weeks   Key Metrics: We will gauge, through a survey, how often farmers are using the application to carry out at least one action (which can be assisted by the FarmEd application) out of the following per week: Use calendar Check for Pests and Diseases Plan to either plant, weed, apply...

Alec McCallum
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Alec McCallum
Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: Solution (Prototyping)   Assumption: Farmers can easily access the app (User Experience)   Time Box: 2 Weeks (First 2 weeks of January project)   Key Metrics:   Primary: Rate farmers on a scale from 1-3 for function usability   1 - Needs assistance to use the app or cannot use functions 1-3 (refer below to CF) Unable to use functions on their own, such as:         - Inputting farmers information         - Responding to calendar notifications...

Justin Buhagiar
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Justin Buhagiar

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