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Proposed Experiment
Work Update

Big Fish Experiment Framework Preface: "Big Fish" are defined as large organisations with many subsidiaries or individuals that have a large stake in businesses or business property within Dili. This is an experiment framework, not an experiment. The underlying assumption is that the “Big Fish” has individual needs and therefore each experiment should be drafted individually. It provides a number of options of things to consider when designing the experiment. Also, we recommend that a...

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Experiment Results

Lean Phase:   Customer segments, solution   Assumption: The assumption is that BagPay customers will say that cost is the reason that they discontinued. However, the real reason is there is not enough value in the service offering for them to be willing to pay. It is assumed that they do have the propensity to pay.   The entire experiment is available on https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/808350   Results:   [Green light]   2 BagPay customer’s clearly...

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Rose Gooding
Customer Segment

There are a number of key customer segments that have been identified for ERS collection. Hotels Intention:  To establish a clear distinction between the various hotel sizes in Timor Leste. This is based on the assumption that different sized hotels would have varying priorities and perceptions of waste management in Timor-Leste. Process:  Through our data collection we found that there are 61 Hotels in Dili and surrounding areas. We noted their price, number of rooms, web presence...

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