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Project Summary

The February team is the third group to work on the Hidden Hunger project since its conception in December 2018. December and January were able to effectively establish a customer segment and their problem statements. The February team have since been able to move into completing currency testing with Rural Malawian Mothers and start various utility tests in order to discover if the USTAWI application fits the Malawian context. All three summer teams have also worked on establishing and...

Samantha Orum
by Samantha Orum
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Samantha Orum
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Work Update

  Introduction The report that has been created for Western Sydney University (WSU), and written by the Hidden Hunger team. It contains the results of the customer segment and business development experiments that were conducted during the summer. WSU supplied Project Everest with an nutrition application; with which our customers conduct a survey of what they have eaten in the past 24 hours, then the Hidden Hunger team uses the results to generate a nutrition report. The update report...

Liam Button
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Liam Button
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Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase : Channels/ Utility Testing   Assumption : Using specific advertising to target audiences will create a pathway to inform people that nutrition advice can be accessed through the USTAWI App. Rural Malawi, as the target audience, will respond to Radio advertisement greater than Urban regions responding to Facebook ads.   Purpose : Build customer base and validate where customers are distributed. Gauge community interest in accessing nutritional information in...

Jemillah Forbes
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