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[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Malawi Feb 19 - Central Blantyre/Nancholi Region, Training Independent Agent Channel Testing   Lean Phase: Channel Testing     Assumptions:   Trained agents can operate independently and sustain the operations and door to door sales of the solar product.   Time Box:   3 weeks   Success Metric   Sales conversion rate.   Criteria:   Green Light- Start door to door stalls run by the agents regularly and validate if the...

Srishti Jain
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Srishti Jain

Content Lean Phase: Customer Channels Assumption: Community members can be better prepared for community meetings by being provided a USSD code beforehand to members which provides information about time, location and what to bring.   Time Period: 3 community meetings Success Metric Ratio of hits on USSD code to the number of villagers that attend the community meeting. Criteria: Green Light – Continue giving USSD code to village chiefs before community meetings...

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Oscar Ogai

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