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Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase : Channels Assumption :It is feasible and affordable to manufacture 20 Buka stoves per month in Fiji, through importation of raw or pre cut materials. Time Box : 3 weeks Key Metrics : Price quoted from sheet metal suppliers for 20 stoves worth of material. Price quoted from manufacturers for assembly of 20 stoves. That the materials and stoves are delivered within the set time frame. The overall quality of the stoves. Green Light A contract is signed...

Jakob Valk
by Jakob Valk
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Jakob Valk
Experiment Results

Experiment Design Post:  Supply Chain Experiment Design Lean Phase: Channels Assumption: That it is feasible to manufacture 10 Buka Dragons within the project month in Fiji Results: Red Light Failed to meet or exceed our failure point. A contract to supply 10 or more stoves per month was not achieved due to the price quoted far exceeding our failure point amount of $81 FJD. Therefore our other metrics could not be measured. It should be noted that the prototype picked up...

Harry O'Donnell
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Harry O'Donnell

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