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Lean Phase: Solution (Usability) Assumption: Farmers are able to use and navigate through the application comfortably and independently. Time Box: 3 Weeks Key Metrics: Number of times farmers interact with the application per week. Success point: 50% of farmers use the app at least 3 times per week 30% of farmers use the app between 1 and 3 times per week Green Light: Farmers are frequently engaging with the application in a comfortable and independent manner....

Christopher Fahlbusch
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Christopher Fahlbusch
Proposed Experiment

  Lean Phase: Solution / MVP Testing Assumption: Businesses, organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) are willing to purchase a premium model, an extension of the data dashboard obtained from farmers giving extra information about each farm.    Time Box: 3 weeks   Goal: Conduct meetings with 20 different businesses with the purpose of validating the need for a data dashboard premium model.   Key Metric: Percentage of the stakeholders that are...

Christopher Fahlbusch
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Christopher Fahlbusch

Christopher Fahlbusch

Melbourne, Australia

Joined this community on Nov 15, 2018

Bio Born in the Winter of 97. Studying Engineering and Science in Melbourne.

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