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Project Summary

Following the inception of Fuel Sustainability in July 2018, our main goals for the month were to conduct offer and currency tests, and then to begin developing prototypes for the top two to three solutions. This involved determining whether individuals had a problem with their current method of cooking and if they would be interested in a solution to the problem(s). Our first two weeks in country were heavily centered around empathising and offer testing with local populations in the...

Alexander Teicher
by Alexander Teicher
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Alexander Teicher
Work Update

Fuel has worked on creating a prototype of the Briquette Press, which we are currently refining for later testing and demonstrations. The original design is based off of Engineers Without Borders’ Micro Compound Lever Press. The prototype uses briquettes made of standard biomass materials and was made to be easy to use, assemble and provide a significant amount of force. The Briquette Press would also be used for later testing to see if villagers interested in the solution like the...

Erica Bell
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Erica Bell
Experiment Results

Reassert Lean Phase: Problem   Reassert Assumption: Our assumption was that the communities in Hera and Dili will be interested in a solution to address their problem(s) with cooking fuels.   Offer Test: Do individuals in Hera and Dili have a problem with their cooking? Would communities be interested in a solution to address their problem(s) with cooking fuels?   Results: Hit Green Light Target The results so far have been 75.6% positive responses from 45...

Erica Bell
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Erica Bell

Erica Bell

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