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Project Summary

The December Health Team had two primary focuses; doing the groundwork to facilitate the project’s focus on clinicians as a customer segment and preparing the research protocol for execution. The full outline can be found in the attached document, and an abridged summary can be found below.   The first focus broke down to two elements. Firstly, customer segment interviews and empathising were done to garner a deep understanding of the customer segments and synthesis of the problem...

Gabriel Raubenheimer
by Gabriel Raubenheimer
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Gabriel Raubenheimer
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Customer Segment

From extensive research into and interviews of clinicians and other medical professionals, deep insights into the experiences of these people were uncovered. This allows the team to understand how we might best serve these segments, and who within them might be our early adopters. Insights The clinicians engaged operate in public clinics in the Blantyre District. Communities and clinics there are intertwined - clinic initiatives such as educational programs and structured clinical days...

Isabella Strapp
by Isabella Strapp
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Isabella Strapp
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Experiment Results

Reference to Experiment Post: The experiment was focussed on validating the assumption that Heads of Clinics were the appropriate customer segment to be identified as our early adopters. The long-term goal was to discover the challenges clinicians face within the health care system and identify whether they are currently taking actions to solve the same challenges. Reassert Lean Phase:  Customer segment Assumption: The...

Madeleine McArthur
by Madeleine McArthur
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Madeleine McArthur
Adopted Experiment

CONTENT Lean Phase:  Customer segment Assumption : The purpose of experimentation is to validate who, within our current customer segment (Heads of Clinics), will be our early adopters. Time Period:  December Project Weeks 1 - 2 Success Metric: % of people within the customer segment (Heads of Clinics), that identify that they are currently taking action to solve the same problem. CRITERIA Green Light  - Proceed with proposed offer testing experiment using channels...

Ella Grier
by Ella Grier
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Ella Grier

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