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Adopted Experiment

CONTENT: Lean Phase:  Customer Segment Assumption: Potential stakeholders are willing to meet with PEV Potential stakeholders have data and/or advice on the direction of the project Potential stakeholders are interested in the app and a B2B solution Time Box: January 2018 Weeks 1-4 Success Metric:  1) Number of groups which can provide access and/or advice on the direction of the project. 2) Number of groups interested in the app and a B2B solution....

Laura Enever
by Laura Enever
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Laura Enever
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CONTENT Lean Phase : Offer Testing Purpose: To validate your understanding of mothers’ problems by making an offer to solve them. Assumptions: Problems (or a combination of): Lack of money to pay for healthy food Lack of access to healthy foods Lack of information about healthy foods Lack of ability to grow food Lack of knowledge about growing food Lack of an ability to trade with their neighbours Validated learning: Mothers have a general understanding of...

Laura Enever
by Laura Enever
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Laura Enever

Laura Enever

Wollongong, Australia

Joined this community on Oct 26, 2018

Bio Gemini. ESFJ. Probably likes doing most of the same stuff you, books, hanging out, eating, breathing. Also talks too much.

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