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Lean Phase: MVP Prototyping. With the Beta platform of the MVP in hand the goal will be gathering information regarding the App to assess its reception and provide direction for updates   Assumption: 1. The Users have a method of cashless payment (MPAISA). NB: not the test assumption (handled in another experiment) as initial sales can still be made via cash or MOA. 2. User experience is sufficiently positive as to result in successful purchase.   Experiment Build:...

Sumeet Charan
by Sumeet Charan
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Sumeet Charan
Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase:  Cost Structure/ Revenue Streams Assumption:  That farmers with signed MOUs will pay for a subscription for the app Time Box:  4 weeks  Success Metric:  % of signed MOUs converted into cash sales   Green Light:  Continue to pitch app to new farmers and make sales of subscriptions for the app, begin to collect user feedback of app functionality Success Point:  80% of signed MOUs are converted into cash sales Orange Light:  50-80% of signed MOUs are converted...

Jesse Fabian
by Jesse Fabian
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Jesse Fabian
Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: MVP Prototyping. The MVP is operational and installed on the android phones. Testing whether the current application features satisfies the customers needs.    Assumption: The application is ergonomic and consistent enough to be used effectively by customers interested in the application.   Time Box: 4 weeks.   Success Metric: People to be surveyed will give a rating out of 5. The percentage of people who give a rating of 4/5 or greater will be the...

Sumeet Charan
by Sumeet Charan
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Sumeet Charan

Sumeet Charan

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