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Project Summary

Over the course of December 2018, the PEV fuel sustainability team has sought to develop PEV’s existing rocket stove project in Fiji to a sustainable business. The following document briefs the progress made across the month’s four major goals and provides some direction for future teams.   A significant achievement for PEV operations in Fiji was the obtaining of a business license. This allows us to engage in business to business relations across Fiji. The Buka 4.0 is still the primary...

Haziq Ahmed
by Haziq Ahmed
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Haziq Ahmed
Experiment Results

Reference the Experiment Design Post [Proposed Experiment]: Fuel Fiji - December Goal 5 - Build 8 Different Customer Archetypes and Goal 6: Empathise with 25 Persons from Each Identified Archetype - December 2018 https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/583303 Lean Phase: Empathy and Customer Segment     Assumption: That a range of Fijian residents want to buy our Buka Stoves, and that their needs, wants and pain points, and ultimately the value proposition of the Buka...

Haziq Ahmed
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Haziq Ahmed

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