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Proposed Experiment

Lean Phase: Currency Testing. Testing the viability of implementing a premium model for data reselling. Assumption: Businesses, organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) are willing to purchase a premium model (an upgrade) of the data package obtained from farmers.    If they are not willing to purchase such data, they are willing to negotiate the content or the price of the premium data package. Time Box: 3 weeks (allowing team handover and the lack of...

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Coco Jian
Experiment Results

Reference the Experiment Design Post   Lean Phase: (Currency Testing) That the use of the Bank of South Pacific (BSP) Mobile Banking platform or SMS payment will enable customers to effectively pay for the FarmEd app to avoid the need for a middle man to collect cash as payment.   Assumption: That the majority of farmers we visit will use the BSP platform and SMS payment That farmers are interested in signing up...

Coco Jian
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