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Reference to the Experiment Design Post   Lean Phase: Offer Testing   Purpose:   The purpose of this experiment was to gauge businesses interest in an alternative product to single use plastic bags.   Assumptions:   Test that businesses will support the use of a recycled paper alternative to plastic bags. We assumed that all business would be willing to use recycled paper over plastic if the price is the same and the quality of the product is high....

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Abbey Dyson
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In September 2018, the Timor-Leste Government decided that a “Zero Plastic Policy” would be soon implemented throughout Timor-Leste which involves the banning of plastic bags. At the seminar when this policy was announced, the former President of the Republic, José Ramos-Horta stated that "Timor as a state, as a nation and as a community, has to carry out its own initiatives to solve the problem of plastic". One of the solutions has been to import biodegradable cassava bags from Indonesia....

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