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Following the inception of Fuel Sustainability in July 2018, our main goals for the month were to conduct offer and currency tests, and then to begin developing prototypes for the top two to three solutions. This involved determining whether individuals had a problem with their current method of cooking and if they would be interested in a solution to the problem(s). Our first two weeks in country were heavily centered around empathising and offer testing with local populations in the...

Alexander Teicher
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Alexander Teicher

Lean Phase: Solution Fugaun Seguru The Fugaun Seguru (Safety Stove) delivers a solution to the previously identified most significant issue, large amounts of smoke produced in the cooking process.  This is accomplished through the design of the product, it has an insulated chamber that improves the efficiency of burning fuel and directs the hot gas flow to the cooking vessel, ensuring almost complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface. As the stove burns more...

Alexander Teicher
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Alexander Teicher

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