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The Sustainable Fuel project in Timor-Leste has now been running for four months and in that time has made significant and rapid progress. The February team has spent most of the month focussing on securing a long-term manufacturer, further price testing within the Hera and Dili regions, beginning the process of making sales and looking into viable distribution channels. As a result of our hard work, the project is in a strong position for future teams to take the project to the next stage....

Thomas de Heus
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Thomas de Heus
Experiment Results

Experiment: https://projecteverest.crowdicity.com/post/916660 Reassert Lean Phase: Channels Reassert Assumption: There are at least two viable distribution channels for the stoves   Results: The following distribution channels were investigated and found to be viable at this point in time. Four channels were found, resulting in a green light for the experiment:   Vinod Patel – Retail Store Vinod Patel & Company Limited is considered Timor Leste’s leading...

Thomas de Heus
by Thomas de Heus
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Thomas de Heus

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