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EXPERIMENT DESIGN POST: Lean Phase:  Solution (MVP Sales/ Early Adopters) Assumption: Farmers can complete the customer journey through successfully using the app, understanding the advice sent and have the resources required to implement the suggested solution.   Time Frame: 2-3 weeks Key Outcomes: This experiment surveyed a total of 43 people from 10 villages and the Sigatoka markets to determine whether farmers were...

Rhys Taylor
by Rhys Taylor
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Rhys Taylor
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Lean Phase : Solution Assumption : Farmers are easily able to complete the customer journey. This means they are able to use app, understand the advice, access required resources and implement the solutions.  Time box : 3 weeks Key metrics: The customer journey involves; problem recognition, solution seeking, purchasing app, using the app through asking a question, FarmEd can understand the info, farmers understand the advice, farmers have access to resources to implement...

Stephanie Brownrigg
by Stephanie Brownrigg
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Stephanie Brownrigg

Stephanie Brownrigg

Adelaide, Australia

Joined this community on Sep 15, 2018

Bio I study Agriculture at the University of Adelaide. I am very excited to be going on to FarmEd in Fiji in July 2019!

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