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This post outlines the fundamental problems in the financial space in Malawi, and are detailed further in other posts. The two fundamental issues are that there is a huge lack of access to capital, and a huge lack of financial/business education.  Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with 90% of the population living on less than $2/day, and 75% living below the lowest poverty threshold of $1.25/day (Human Development Report, 2011). The majority of Malawians are...

Kurt Michl
by Kurt Michl
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Kurt Michl

We have discovered the cheapest, and most cost effective lunch in Blantyre.  We are always left with leftovers after dinner, and although we are in a country where hunger is a pervasive condition, we generally throw them out. This is a huge waste of resources.  The issue is that no one wants to eat beans an rice for dinner, and then have it cold for lunch as well. However, there is a way around this.  We sometimes have the magical dinner combo: rice, beans, peas and carrots. This is...

Nikita Ramachandran
by Nikita Ramachandran
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Nikita Ramachandran
Work Update

As the first SoCon (Social Consulting) team on the ground in Malawi, it’s our task to set the groundwork and build foundations for future teams to operate on in Malawi. We decided to make this post so that for future teams can reflect on the measures we’ve used and hopefully to learn on our experiences on how best to obtain their own data. As SoCon is so new to operating in Malawi, it is critical that the assumptions we make have been validated, as cutting corners with poor validation may...

Henry Baldwin
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Henry Baldwin

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