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HANDOVER: July 2018 Energy Assessment Timor-Leste   This month the July Team has had a massive change in focus from previous months. We have discontinued with the business assessments pathway and pivoted to assessing small-scale solar opportunities as part of the Rural Expansion Plan (REP) developed by the Feb Team. This post outlines the key actions completed during July, key outcomes and the next steps to continue progressing the project when the December Team arrives back in country!...

Brett Jenkin
by Brett Jenkin
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Brett Jenkin
Work Update

Week 1 of July has kicked off with the Energy Team making some key changes for the prospective month and ongoing project.     The Energy Team will now focus on the Rural Expansion Plan, continuing to empathise, reiterate and prototype small scale solar products. The previous focus on large scale solar panels for businesses has been put on hold.   Tuesday began with a meeting with Jonathan Sindel, the Training Project Manager of ACTEMIUM at The National Centre for Employment and...

Brett Jenkin
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Brett Jenkin

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